Pottery Painting

From painting babies hand/foot prints to adults enjoying a theraputic afternoon - pottery painting is for all ages & abillities at the Gallery.

£4 per painter + cost of pottery (individually priced items) You can choose as little or as much as you would like

Your booking is for 1 hour and half – call to book for available time slots

You do not need to worry if you've not painted pottery before. We can help and inspire you with examples and plenty of ideas to help you create your own work of art. First & foremost, we want you to have fun!

Mugs, plates, bowls, figurines and more - a wide variety of ceramics to choose from. Once we glaze & fire your item they will be useful and are dishwasher safe too! 

Drinks Café Available: Serving Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate, Milkshakes and more with an added selection of snacks & sweet treats to enjoy.

Animals in the garden: You are welcome to visit our ever-growing family in the garden. Say hello to them after you have finished your pottery painting 

Group Bookings

Groups of 6 or more will require a deposit to confirm your table

To book, please contact via telephone 


Bring you friends to the Gallery

Come inside, warm up with a coffee and enjoy an afternoon of pottery painting!

Get those creative juices flowing and paint your own design on ceramics 

Learn a little about the pottery process as you walk through our workshop, see where we glaze & fire the pottery and get an understanding of how we turn your work of art into a useful mug or a decorative figurine.

Our aim is always putting the needs of our customers first, we wish for everyone who comes to our gallery to have a great time and leaves with pottery they'll treasure.

Pottery Painting from Home

Pottery Painting Kits 

Pottery painting kits to take home are available.

Collect a kit from us and host your own pottery painting from home or a venue of your own choice.

Your kit will include brushes, paints etc. for you to enjoy pottery painting away from shop. Bring back your kit and completed ceramics when you’re finished for the glazing/firing process

£4 per painter plus the cost of the ceramics

For more information, speak to a member of staff

We're here to help you

Our studio assistants are always happy to lend a hand. We will help paint your babies hand and feet should you wish. And of course give our advise if you need any help creating your masterpiece.

We then glaze your ceramics before firing it in our kiln.

Your items will be ready as soon as possible, please do check with a member of staff as to when to collect your items (approx. 7 days from the day you have painted)