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Out of Hours Painting

Whether a party for the grown ups or any excuse for a get together - you are welcome to book an evening at the Gallery for some late night pottery painting!

Much like our Pottery Parties, for an out of hours gathering, details are below:

- £8 per person (Session fee + £4PP evening charge) + the cost of ceramics 

- 3 Hour Time Slot 

- Hosting up to 20 painters 

- Minimum spend of £150 

The date/time slot for your gathering will need to confirmed by a member of staff (time slots after 5pm will be classed as 'out of hours' and will require the details as above)  

Bring some nibbles, pop a bottle of fizz and enjoy an evening of pottery painting with friends or colleagues. 

Potter's Wheel Throwing Session

A great way to express yourself and with our one-to-one potter's wheel session. There's something really fulfilling about moulding clay with your hands to create unique pieces of art. 

Learn this new skill with Genevieve, who is on hand to teach and show you how to make and create your own hand thrown item. Beginners will be taught the way in which a lump of clay can transform into a bowl.  

Throwing Session Includes: 

- 1 Hour session on the wheel 

- One-to-one experience with Genevieve 

- Your item(s) will have their 1st firing 

- You are invited to then paint what you have made - whatever colours and design your heart desires! 

- Your item(s) will then be glazed and fired for the final time for you to then collect your amazing creation! 

Please Note: There are several weeks between the making of your items to when they are ready for painting stage. Do speak to a member of staff for more details on this experience. This is only available on a weekday and needs to be confirmed with Genevieve for the date/time. 

Our Menu

Enjoy a delicious milkshake or tempting deluxe hot chocolate while you paint your ceramics!

No tables, you can always takeaway!

To see a clearer image of our menu, visit our social media or for more info, please contact us before booking. 

We are happy for customers to bring their own snacks or food at times, but we kindly ask not to bring your own drinks. Thank you 



Contact Us: 01784 430516

Our staff at the Gallery will often be serving customers or busy in the workshop - so are not able to answer emails/ social media as often as we would like. For a speedy responce, do pop in or telephone. 

Always happy to help, but we thank you for your understanding and patience while we try our best.